Henry Baskerville Viveash

Henry Baskerville Viveash

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Here is a letter from Ellen Viveash, living in Baskerville, Tasmania.

“Baskerville”, Tasmania.

12 September 1834

Henry is now collector of Carnara, or lower Carnara. The western mountains are the Nulgarry [?] Hills. This letter is very interesting. He says “I do not know whether I shall be able to see you next year, it is probable that I may pass on to England in the steamer by the Suez which has now been established”. Yet in another part he appears less certain of even visiting England. I am glad he will not go to Swan River or come here as he will have time to hear of our departure.

I do not think I should like Henry Viveash. I heard traits of his childhood which show a tyranous disposition and his situation must have strengthened it. He has not the affection for his family, which Oriel has, to make him overlook further that I have no doubt of him returning to India where he has importance. I think he will feel disgust at the want of that in England, and at the want of education and refinement at Calne. Oriel says he would on no account take the liberty of advising William as he has no right to do so, tho’ he has always disapproved of his going to Swan River. He would not have to do this (advise him) so much as bring his sister back. I asked him to advise Hester to be more contented (how badly I express this) thinking as I did it would be ruinous to William’s interests to return to England. Hester must have been more communicative to the “Indians” as to Williams speculative farming than she has been to us. She has written indeed always short letters about the children to me and Charles. This is but natural knowing I always defend William and think so much of him.

Ellen Viveash