Our new Forum has been created to cover the History and Genealogy of Wiltshire.

There is one section where you can post and comment on photographs, history and current events going on in a particular town or village, and and another section which covers Wiltshire Surnames.

If you don’t see your town or village listed, just please ask and a section will be created for you.

For family names, we have already listed several of the more recognised names, but if your name isn’t there, and you can go back at least FOUR generations, then please ask and we will add your name.

GEDCOM files ( a method of recording family trees) are available on many popular Wiltshire families. These have been downloaded from the Mormon LDS International Genealogical Index (IGI) for the county of Wiltshire. These are an important method of doing research as they list every entry across the county. These are not completed trees, merely individual entries in the church records. For example, if a couple have a marriage, there will be one record for that, if they have a bunch of kids, there will be a record of each birth or baptism. So you could get 10 or more records for the one family.

These IGI records are extremely useful as you can see the various towns or villages each family lived in and build on that information. A link to them will be provided shortly.