Lawrence Veale demonstrating The Revealer

About 20 years ago, I discovered The Revealer in the building maintenance dept. of Watney's Brewery, Trowbridge. They used it for locating pipes around pubs, etc. The architect also used it on weekends to mark out the postholes of old archaeological sites. Of course, I was extremely sceptical until they actually demonstrated the instrument. I decided I had to have one, and set about tracking them down.
After much searching, I encountered the inventor Lawrence Veale's wife in Kingskerswell, Devon. Lawrence had died a few years prior, and she was about 85, not really too interested in marketing the product. I purchased a Revealer from her, and started to practice.
Finding pipes was really easy, and as I was involved with building surveyors, clerks of works, etc. it soon became a topic of conversation. A few people asked me to find 'stuff' and I did. I 'dowsed' Stonehenge (lived nearby) and was amazed at the power of the leylines, which were actually in the air.
A number of people asked me if they could purchase a Revealer. I contacted Mrs Veale again and she still had a few machines, so I bought them all from her. She was particularly pleased that her husband's lifetime work would be continued. She gave me all the drawings, plans etc. and her blessing to carry on the Revealer.
A few years later, I moved to the USA, taking 3 or 4 Revealers with me. I was in sales, and met a number of sales guys at a business meeting, and the topic of dowsing came up. I showed them my Revealer and they all wanted one, so I was quickly down to my last one. They guys were persistant, and asked me to get more, which, of course I could not do.
So, after much deliberation, my wife and I decided to make them. We had the plans, and Lawrence Veale's secrets, thanks to his wife. So, we purchased a lathe and started to make them.
Our greatest problem was the chrome plating, it was expensive and SLOW.
Still, we made a number of Revealers and sold them through these sales guys. I remember Virginia as being the best area, my late friend Ian Wallace really did well there. You may trip over one or two there.
All this happened about 15-20 years ago, and when we sold the last few, we didn't make any more. We had bigger fish to fry, and our marketing guys had dissapeared from our lives.
Recently, my wife and I retired, and we got to talking about the fun we had using, making and selling Revealers. We realised that now we had the Internet to market these items and it would be a completely different deal. We could make videos, produce CDs, and we haven't got anything else to do!!!!!! It'll keep us out of mischief for ages!!!
So, that is why I am here. We purchased a new lathe last week, and will start production in about 1 month. We don't even have a problem with the Chrome Plating, as I own

Mike Caswell

Here is an original Revealer, complete in it's carrying case. This item was recently sold on Ebay


Here are the two sections of a wand. Note the discs are numbered, 2, 4, 6, 9 and 15, denoting pipe diameters.

Note the black stripe on the lower section, this is used for determining pipe depth.


Instrument Setup
Operating Stance and Walk
Locating a Pipe
Locating a Pipe Junction
Determining Pipe Diameter
Determining Pipe Composition
Determining Pipe Depth
Locating Septic Tanks
Locating Manholes
Locating a Break in a pipe
Finding Building Foundations
Locating Graves
Locating Caves and Voids