The BASKERVILLE Families           

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of Erdisley Castle, Hereford, England

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I am building a worldwide database on all the Baskervilles who originated from Hereford.

If you have a tree of your side of the line, please send me a copy.

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An Old Baskerville Castle

Baskerville Hall

The Hounds of the Baskervilles

Sir James Baskerville   -searchable Tree

Sibill Baskerville - searchable Tree

John Baskerville - The Printer

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The Curse of the Pharaohs


Howard Baskerville An American in Iran

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The Baskerville Coat of Arms - from Wiltshire

The Will of Mary Baskerville of RichardstonWiltshire

A glimpse of ostentatious wealth in the 1600s

Virginian Plantation Baskervilles originate from Chester UK

View the Mecklenburg Plantation

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A Brief History of the Baskervilles

The SurnameWeb

A Baskerville Family History

Genealogy Research in Hereford

Henry Baskerville Viveash - India, Australia & Calne, Wilts.


The Hereford Family History Society

  The Baskervilles of Australia

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